Would you like to own a luxury gulet Patronice,
enjoy every summer 4 weeks on a beautiful Adriatic
with your family and friends being served by
professional crew for only 70,000 Euros



    Pleasure of a 22.5m luxury gulet Patronice at a price of 9m used sailboat.

    Enjoy your full time onboard and leave the work to professional crew.

    Investment - if you do not use your weeks, charter them and earn money.


Patronice is a classic 22.5m wooden motor sailor schooner - Gulet.
She was handcrafted by skilled Turkish “usta” in 1999, a perfect strength match of red pine,
okume, sapeli and iroko wood.
During 2010 she has been completely refitted where all details have been meticulously redone.
Patronice has been turned into a cozy family cruising yacht with a lot of space on deck and
in the cabins for a comfortable stay onboard.

Accommodation consists of six cabins with double bed, wardrobe stowage and en-suite
shower/WC with cold/warm water. Each cabin has 220/12V illumination, special reading light,
220V AC socket, 360 deg pro fan and safe deposit box. Cabins are provided with a selected fine
quality linen, blankets, and bath towels. All cabins are airconditioned with a reliable Webasto

Spacious 12 square meters saloon comprises comfortable sitting area with large table and bar
corner with fridges and ice machine where alcohol and soft drinks could be served.
Saeco machine for best quality free coffee, music/DVD/TV, laptop with internet, Wi-Fi connection
and printer are installed for your convenience.

Shore access is provided by quality chrome/mahogany 4.5m hydraulic gangway with handrail.
While bathing fine sea ladders facilitate easy boarding from the sea and use of convenient
deck shower.

On the fore deck there is sunbathing and relaxing area with comfortable mattresses and sofa.

The most sought after place on gulet Patronice is spacious stern shaded by navy blue awning.
Here is a large dinning mahogany table with 12 teak wood chairs for convenient open seating
dining. On the even stern end there are lounges for relaxation and reading after having delicious
cuisine and wine.

Two masts with four sails could harness fair winds for smooth gliding over crisp clear Adriatic.
A reliable and powerful Caterpillar 320HP engine could output almost 11 knots making her one
of the fastest gulet on the Adriatic.

Patronice cruises Adriatic Sea from mid May to mid October. This 5 months period the weather
is warmer and coastal towns come alive. Well known hot spots like Dubrovnik, Hvar, Split,
Trogir, Korcula as well as national parks Mljet, Krka, Kornats and Brijuni are where luxury
yachting began and continues to be the hotspot for all who enjoy the luxury lifestyle with its
fine dining and shopping and picturesque coastal villages.
For those who prefer quiet anchorages and simple life, there are vast options as well.

Fractional Ownership

You may purchase 22.5m luxury gulet Patronice outright for 350,000 Euros and own the whole
yacht for yourself.

or ...

for fraction of the commitment, for just 70,000 Euros you will co-own the gulet with 4 other
members of a private syndicate. This syndicate may be your family, friends or colleagues.
As part owner of a gulet Patronice, you can cruise for 4 weeks on the Adriatic every year.
If you want more than 4 weeks you may buy 2 or more shares.

Everyone knows that keeping a luxury crewed gulet going is expensive.
Keeping a yacht with 3 crew on year-round, is something which was available only to the
super-rich. Those who have wholly owned a yacht will also see the benefits, avoiding the hassles
of management and full year maintenance costs of a boat they probably use less than five weeks
a year, while still enjoying the five star personalized service of a privately owned yacht.

Sometimes it's smart to share

We offer unique private owners syndicate for the gulet Patronice enabling you to buy one or more
fifth share in this luxury gulet.

Ownership of fractional gulet is shared by a group of individuals – who are not necessarily
acquainted, each having title to one or more shares.

The concept of shared ownership program is intelligent way to own and operate a gulet, with
shared maintenance and crew costs. Owners have guaranteed availability of four weeks on the
Adriatic every year and can even charter out or swap with other owners their periods when
unable to use the yacht.

Fractional yacht ownership is a cost effective, smart and stress free way to enjoy the pleasures
of yachting.

With the budget to purchase a small boat or regularly charter a yacht, you can own a fractional
share of a professionally crewed gulet Patronice.

Our managing company Impex S d.o.o. services and crews the gulet on your behalf so when
you arrive for your holiday everything is ready for a relaxing time aboard with friends and family.

Resale of fractional ownership shares is much more liquid than outright ownership, with the owner
able to sell on his share whenever he so desires, as well as pass on any unused weeks to family
members or friends. 

Fractional syndication – leverage for your yachting investment

Leverage your capital outlay – get far more gulet for your money. 
You might be in a position to buy gulet Patronice outright this will cost 350,000 Euros.
Wouldn’t putting 280,000 Euros of that to work elsewhere be useful?
The same facilities, for only 20% of the investment? That’s real leverage!

You work hard for your money. Today, with minimal investment returns and shrinking margins,
your money needs to work even harder to provide you and your family with the hard-earned
relaxation you deserve. That’s where the leveraging power of a syndicate comes into its own.
You combine the buying power of five owners with a syndicate agreement specifically drawn
up to maximize your personal freedom of control and usage. You own a gulet with a far higher
specification than you would otherwise obtain at the same cost, eliminate ownership chores,
get the usage you personally want, and retain the same control as you’d have with a much
smaller boat on your own.

Luxury gulet or small 2nd hand sailboat?

Take five people who can each afford 70,000 Euros for a 30ft 2nd hand sailing boat. Each of their
boats will probably be left in a marina most of the time – maybe as much as 50 weeks a year.
But for the same total capital (joined together), the five can buy a luxury gulet Patronice.

The 30ft used sailing boat will have berths for maybe 6 people and perhaps a couple sleeping in
the salon. The gulet Patronice has six spacious airconditioned double cabins with ensuite
bathrooms, for 12 guests plus additional accommodation for the crew. In total there is 74m2
of closed area, 22m2 awned stern area and 24m2 sun deck with mattresses.

You have a plenty of room to spread out.
You may have time on your own, do office work, be on the Internet, watch a movie,
read a book or just lay down sunbath and listen wind whispering through the sails while gliding through the crisp clear Adriatic. Why not to try swimming, fishing, snorkeling, canoeing or riding dinghy boat and exploring adjacent coves and virgin beaches?
The most admired is the time spent together with family and friends chatting over a sip of wine at a spectacular sunset.

All goes by ... memories remain.



Enjoy your time onboard and leave the work to someone else 

Walk on – enjoy – walk off.
Then forget about it until your next trip. You don't need the hassle!
With fractional ownership, professional yacht management takes care of all the nitty gritty details
from finding moorings to maintenance, insurance, crew and paperwork . No more cleaning down
at the end of a trip. No provisioning, cooking or dirty laundry to deal with.

5 star service 

Fractional ownership of gulet Patronice comes with full time crew including a captain, chef and
deckhand. The crew will take care of your safety, comfort and maintain the boat. As an owner
your crew will already know your preferences making your stay onboard even more personalized.
Plus they will store your personal belongings and have them onboard when you arrive, making
the yacht truly yours while you are onboard.

Compare with chartering

If you regularly charter yachts you may find that fractional ownership is cheaper and provides
more  personalized services. If you charter an equivalent gulet for more than 10 days per year
it is cheaper to buy a share.

Operating cost split between owners 

The annual running costs such as; repairs, maintenance, crew salaries, mooring, insurance,
administration and management are divided according to shares and charged on a yearly basis.
Income from chartering unused time may be put toward your operating costs.

Spread the risk 

Every investment in real estate or yachts comes with some risk. As a fractional owner your risk
will be spread among the various owners. Likewise you will share in any unexpected repairs.


A professionally crewed gulet Patronice yacht has many advantages. Your gulet
will be ready to sail when you arrive with all provisions on board and everything in working order.
While you are on board they will take care of all the cleaning and service, provide first class meals
and offer assistance in any way. The captain will plan your journey, booking marinas when
necessary, and make sure you arrive safely at each destination. The crew can often advise you
of the best restaurants and sightseeing in the area
or organize the excursions. After you leave
they will clean the yacht and take care of it when no one is onboard.

The carefully selected, highly skilled crew is made of up of a captain, cook and a deckhand.


The managing company Impex S d.o.o. (established in 1990) is very stable company.
It will employ enough crew members to enable them to maintain their enthusiasm even while
the yacht itself is operating at a high intensity.
There will be a minimum turn-around time between trips form 09:30 till 16:30 thus maximizing
the time actually available for owners’ cruises.

The manager imposes conditions in terms of resale of the yacht or of shares.
In some cases joint owners can take over the management of the yacht themselves if the
majority chooses to do so.

Owners are able to sell the vessel and share the proceeds appropriately, but not be obliged to
do so unless and until they wish. 

Financing issues

While respecting confidentiality, it should be possible for owners to contact one another to
discuss matters of mutual interest. Default fractional owner could be removed and remaining
owners may pay him out and ultimately take control of his share boat's usage.

Division of usage time

Patronice's sailing period is 15th May – 15th October, 5 months.
Popular peak summer season on the Adriatic are 2 last weeks of July and 2 first weeks of
August. Every share owner gets one week in peak season and one weak in each month in

The owner with priority number one can choose first which weeks he or she wants, but
only for that first season. Whoever has first priority in the first season will get last priority
in the second season, thereby ensuring a swift rotation and fair distribution among the
fractional owners.


Website with owners only access will provide calendar sharing scheme. So, at any moment
the owner of one share know exactly what weeks next summer are going to be his/her.
Owners may communicate among them and swap weeks as they please.

Surplus weeks can be offered for charter, with benefits going toward owners' running costs. 
These weeks have to be announced well in advance as early as possible giving more possibility
to be booked. Earned charter fee deducted for promotion and commission expenses
will be paid to the share owner.

Now, the ball is in your yard, make a wise move

If you want to find out more about detailed financial arrangement please send email with name,
phone number (this is just in case, nobody will bother you) and questions you might have.



Damir Bjegović
Impex S d.o.o.

gsm: +385 91 2506327
email: impexs @ ri.htnet.hr



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